Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A breakthrough drug saved the lives of every critical coronavirus patient who took it

Artificial lung ventilation monitor in the intensive care unit. Image source: Vadim/Adobe

By Chris Smith

We may be wrong to expect a miracle cure for COVID-19. That’s because it might not be just one breakthrough drug that delivers the “miracle,” which is the prevention of life-threatening symptoms. We may end up with several new drugs for COVID-19 that would work independently or in tandem with others to save the lives of patients who develop complications.

Recent studies showed that several therapies can reduce COVID-19 mortality to some degree. But neither remdesivir nor dexamethasone can prevent deaths completely. This is where narsoplimab may come to the rescue, a monoclonal antibody drug that’s not supposed to block the coronavirus from infecting cells like other monoclonal therapies being tested for COVID-19. Instead, this drug protects the integrity of blood vessels and helps prevent clotting. Narsoplimab saved the lives of every one of the critical COVID-19 patients who were included in a limited trial in Bergamo, Italy, one of the early epicenters of the European COVID-19 epidemic.  Read more >>