Wednesday, August 19, 2020

7 damning revelations from the new Senate report on Trump and Russia

Donald Trump; Vladimir Putin; Hillary Clinton (Getty/Salon)

By Alex Henderson - Cody Fenwick

Long after any debate about whether President Donald Trump's ties to Russia's 2016 election interference might lead to his impeachment had fizzled out, the Senate Intelligence Committee dropped a bomb of a report on Tuesday including explosive new details of the sordid affair.

While the new report doesn't completely upend the story of the 2016 campaign as we knew it — much of the outline of the conduct was contained in former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report and previous news articles — it highlights new details and facts that emphasize the duplicity going on behind the scenes. It completely undermines the notion, pushed by the president and attorney general, that there was no basis for the investigation and shows there is ample evidence for what was once widely discussed as "collusion." And this is particularly significant because the report was developed by a committee led by Republicans — they can't be painted as enemies of the president, as Mueller's team was.

Here are seven of the most striking details from the new report:  Read more >>