Saturday, August 8, 2020

10 Reasons Why Alcohol is the Most Dangerous Drug in the World

Drinking alcohol is quite the norm for many people. Whether you enjoy a beer, wine or spirits, alcoholic drinks are readily available at happy hours, events and more. It is often seen as a way to relieve stress and unwind after a tough day or an accompaniment to a celebration. In fact, many people go to the bar after work to loosen up, while others go home to have a glass of wine on the couch.

Some people go through life without experiencing the negative effects of their alcohol use. On the other hand, others end up developing an alcohol addiction. Aside from that, alcohol is a chemical that can severely damage the body, even to the point of death. Even though alcohol is linked to many issues, social drinking is acceptable mainly because it is legal.

Why Is Alcohol The Most Dangerous Drug?

When you think of the world’s most dangerous drug, you probably think of drugs that have the highest likelihood of harming you. Most people tend to imagine class A substances like crack cocaine, crystal meth or heroin as the most harmful drugs that can destroy someone’s life and cause severe health issues or even death. However, the reality is slightly more complicated than that since it depends on many different factors.

Even though those drugs have highly addictive properties and the ability to ruin lives and negatively impact societies, none of those substances make the top entry for the most dangerous drugs in the world. A recent scientific study found that the most dangerous drug happens to be alcohol.  Read more >>