Thursday, July 23, 2020

US surpasses 4 million reported coronavirus cases as hospitalizations near record

By Christina Maxouris and Jason Hanna, CNN

 (CNN) - The US on Thursday surpassed 4 million officially recorded Covid-19 cases -- and a quarter of that count came in just the last 15 days.

The country's rising daily rate of confirmed coronavirus cases, along with a near-record number of hospitalizations, signals the US is far from containing a virus that is straining hospitals and labs, health experts say.

"We've rolled back essentially two months' worth of progress with what we're seeing in number of cases ... in the United States," Dr. Ali Khan, dean of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's College of Public Health, told CNN on Thursday.

About 59,600 people were hospitalized with Covid-19 in the US on Wednesday -- roughly 300 short of the country's peak recorded in mid-April, according to the Covid Tracking Project.  Read more >>