Monday, July 13, 2020

Travel protocol integrity questioned

By Kyle Walkine

A claim made by several tourists suggesting they entered The Bahamas without a negative COVID-19 PCR molecular swab test stipulated by the authorities has raised concerns over the integrity of the system put in place to lessen the chance of the coronavirus being imported now that the borders have reopened.

In a video recorded by businessman Maxwell Curry, the three unnamed Boston women — who eventually jumped a fence to access the closed Cabbage Beach — explained their desperation to enjoy time on a beach despite its closure and their determination to enter the country despite not presenting results for the required PCR COVID-19 test.

“We’re from Boston,” one of the women said.

“We took an eight-hour flight, first to Houston then here. We took three COVID-19 tests and [faced] interrogation at the airport twice. They first told us that we had to get on a flight back to America and that we were not welcomed because of a certain COVID test.”

The woman, seemingly unfamiliar with the name of the test, then turned to one of the other women, who assisted, saying, “There’s a certain one called PCR. They don’t accept the antigen. It has to be a PCR test swab yet they require it within seven days, so it’s really difficult to get results back.”

After the recording of the women was carried on Our News on the weekend and widely circulated on social media, many questioned how the women were allowed entry to The Bahamas without the required test.  Read more >>