Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Teaching May Have To Adapt

EDUCATION Minister Jeff Lloyd.

Tribune Staff Reporter

EDUCATION officials are considering class rotations and limiting face-to-face instruction between teachers and students when the new school year begins, Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd said yesterday. 

However, these considerations will depend on the advice from health officials to contain the spread of COVID-19, Mr Lloyd said.

This includes enforcing social distancing guidelines and other hygiene requirements recommended by health officials, he said.

However, the minister said nothing has been finalised as discussions are still ongoing.

Speaking to reporters ahead of a Cabinet meeting yesterday, the South Beach MP said: “You can expect that if the health authorities continue to issue mandates as they have been previously, of course, naturally so (such as) physical distancing and other hygienic requirements then yes, the operations of school in 2020/21 is going to change.

“We’re looking at several options at the moment. Naturally, school in the face-to-face instruction will not be the same. So therefore, some form of blended engagement is going to be required. What does that mean and how does that manifest itself? I’m not so sure at the moment. But, we are aggressively looking at it and also consulting with our stakeholders but it does certainly require that if we are going to maintain physical distance of six feet and if we are going to be fair to the citizens of our country, the students in particular, then some form of rotation, shifts or whatever you want to call it is going to have to be implemented.  Read more >>