Thursday, July 23, 2020

State of Emergency to be extended until September 30

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis

By Sloan Smith

PM Minnis: “We cannot lockdown, open up, lockdown, open up”.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis yesterday tabled a resolution in Parliament seeking to extend the COVID-19 state of emergency and emergency orders until September 30.

The extension comes as the country experiences a surge in coronavirus cases, with Grand Bahama emerging as a hotspot.

“I only want to remind and inform the Bahamian populace that COVID-19 is not going anywhere,” Minnis said, after laying the document just before 7pm.

“It’s going to be here with us until we have developed a vaccine, so we must learn to live with it.

“Our lives obviously will change, but we cannot lockdown, open up, lockdown, open up.

“That can’t continue and therefore we will have to determine the number and level we can live with.

“Our behavior pattern will have to change but COVID-19 is here with us until the vaccine is established.”

The prime minister acknowledged that the teetering between lockdowns not only frustrates the Bahamian populace, “but you destroy your economy and your international reputation for good”.

The resolution acknowledged that the reopening of the country lead to the significant resurgence.  Read more >>