Monday, July 6, 2020

Smokescreen: Companies Accused Of Exploiting Covid To Target Specific Staff

Labour Director John Pinder

Tribune Staff Reporter 

LABOUR Director John Pinder said while he believes most companies have had to lay off workers due to decreased business from the COVID-19 pandemic, he thinks there are some who have been using the pandemic as an excuse to get rid of certain employees.

“I think there are one or two cases where there may have been employers who were terminated based on the fact that ‘I can right size now or downsize or get rid of persons I didn’t want during this time’,” he told The Tribune yesterday.

“And again, they have to comply with the Employment Act as it relates to severance pay where they have separation packages. I believe that is happening in one or two areas but for the most part, I have to say because of local business, employers are forced to make some decisions.”

Mr Pinder said this is why he encourages Bahamian workers to put their best foot forward every day. “I try to encourage Bahamian workers to do the best you can to make it very difficult for an employer to make that decision on you,” he said. “We live in a global village now so we have to make sure that we’re producing at the highest expectation possible.”  Read more >>