Thursday, July 2, 2020

Researchers Find People Who Don’t Wear Masks Are Misunderstanding How Coronavirus Spreads

TAMPA, FL - JUNE 26: Coronavirus cases are spiking in Florida, yet many people don't understand the need for masks for social distancing. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images) Getty Images 

By Alison Escalante

Wearing masks and social distancing have been shown the be the most important measures we can take to fight coronavirus. Yet a large number of people don’t see the need, leading to recent surges in most U.S. states. A new study shows that people who aren’t wearing masks misunderstand how Covid-19 spreads.

Researchers at the Social Cognition Center Cologne and the University of Bremen conducted three experiments, each involving more than 500 adults from the United States. A sizable number of them did not see the point of social distancing or mask wearing because they made a simple mistake about statistics. People tend to think coronavirus spreads linearly when it really spreads exponentially.  Read more >>