Friday, July 24, 2020

PM: Future govts may be forced to make unconstitutional decisions

By Rachel Scott

Had the government placed an embargo on Bahamians traveling abroad, hotels in The Bahamas would be open and doing well, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said yesterday, adding that future governments may be forced to make “unconstitutional decisions” for the advancement of the country.

As he led debate on a resolution to extend the state of emergency and emergency orders to September 30, Minnis pointed to the state of The Bahamas’ tourism industry and the blow it suffered because of COVID-19.

“…Had we made a firm decision to ensure and stop and prevent Bahamians from traveling, we would have been in a better position,” he said.

“But, to make such a decision would have been considered unconstitutional. I would have been accused or the government would have been accused of being the most dictatorial government.

“We would have been accused and I would have been accused of an abuse of power. But power is only abused when used unnecessarily, but when it is used for the correct purpose, it is not abused.

“We, as government, we refused, though we thought about it, we refused to make that decision, to place a travel embargo on Bahamians and allow others to come in.  Read more >>