Thursday, July 16, 2020

Parents Ask For More Face-To-Face Lessons

Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd

Tribune Staff Reporter

AMID uncertainty surrounding the re-opening of schools, some parents say they want officials to consider resuming face-to-face instruction, but with strict health guidelines. The parents say they do not support the implementation of a blended learning environment.

This comes after Education Minister Jeff Lloyd told reporters on Tuesday that officials will make an announcement next week on the changes that will be implemented for the upcoming school year.

He said officials are considering implementing a blended learning environment, one that will include class rotation and limited face-to-face instruction.

“We are looking at three models of school reopening, one of which seems to be the more prominent choice that will probably inure to the benefit of students this coming September,” he told reporters outside Cabinet.

“One, full educational instruction, which is unlikely, if we must maintain physical distance and the various health protocols remain in place as they are now.

“Two, what we call a blended or a shift circumstance, where a part of the day or a part of the week some students and another part of the week or day, other students – those who would be otherwise out of instruction classroom will then be transported to a care centre still under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.”

He continued: “And then finally, another model that we’re looking at is 100 percent virtual school. The middle model…the blended model or the shift system is the one that more than likely we are going to choose to go forward.”  Read more >>