Thursday, July 30, 2020

Junkanoo Summer Festival 2020

By ZNS Bahamas

The 2020 Junkanoo Summer Festival moves to cyberspace, taking the form of a dynamic digital competition and workshop that offers locals the chance to compete, and everyone, including our visitors, the opportunity to learn about one of the most authentic expressions of Bahamian culture. Junkanoo Artisans lead the conversation as they promote the legacy of the “Greatest Show on Earth” in a 4-day online workshop starting July 27 and ending July 31.

Speakers for this year’s festival workshop include such Junkanoo legends as Arlene Nash Ferguson, who will share on the rich heritage of the Junkanoo tradition; Chris Justilien, who will speak about Junkanoo music;Carolyn Evans-Vogt will showcase the art of dance choreography in Junkanoo, and last, but not least, Mr. Percy Vola Francis will demonstrate the fine art of costume construction and design. The workshop ends on a high note with a live stream of the Kalik “Who Are We” documentary.  Read more >>