Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Island Hoteliers Fear They May Not Recover

The Fountain Bay Resort and Marina

Tribune Senior Reporter

EZRA Russell is ready to close up shop three years after opening the largest hotel on Cat Island, the Fountain Bay Resort and Marina.

The 49-year-old put his resort up for sale three weeks ago, a move cemented by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis’ announcement that the borders will be closed to commercial flights from the United States starting at midnight tomorrow.

“There ain’t no coming back,” he said. “This reopening then shutting down, reopening then shutting down, it ain’t make no sense because all we are doing is wasting our money. You can’t borrow because the banks aren’t lending any money and I don’t want any debt. I’ve talked to a lot of hoteliers here and they have the same feeling. I think this is the end of tourism for us, we have to look to do something else. It’s sad that I opened this three years ago, invested all this money, and I’m here now wondering, what’s next?”  Read more >>