Friday, July 31, 2020

Govt May 'Trim Sails Again' On Isaias Impacts

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest

Tribune Business Editor

The government will have to “trim our sails one one more time” and reallocate spending to deal with the potential damage and fall-out from Isaias, the deputy prime minister said last night.

K Peter Turnquest told Tribune Business that the Minnis administration would yet again adjust its spending priorities to cope with the predicted hurricane’s impact which seems likely to spare almost no island in The Bahamas’ chain based on its projected path last night.

Acknowledging that the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions would minimise the revenue losses for both private sector and the government, given that tourism is virtually shutdown at this time, Mr Turnquest said the potential category one hurricane’s emergence represented a “potentially significant setback” for Grand Bahama, in particular, in its post-Dorian recovery.

With the entire Bahamas “watching with bated breath”, the deputy prime minister added that Isaias had created a further dilemma for the government in its bid to contain the latest COVID-19 surge. While residents and businesses now needed to stock up on hurricane supplies and materials, this risked a further spike in the already exploding infection rate that saw 24 new cases yesterday.  Read more >>