Saturday, July 18, 2020

From The Bahamas to Turks and Caicos, 7 Private Islands You Can Visit

Fowl Cay, Bahamas

 By Bob Curley

There may be no better way to find escape from the pandemic than the glorious seclusion of a Caribbean private island resort.

Social distancing is a given when you’re sharing an exclusive dot of land in the middle of the ocean with a relative handful of other guests and resort staff.

At some, like the legendary Petit St. Vincent (opening Nov. 1), you can literally limit your human contact to a few minutes at check-in and check-out, simply raising a flag at your private villa when you need food, drink, or other essentials discreetly dropped at your door.

At others, it’s possible to rent out the entire island — especially useful if you want to limit your vacation interactions to a group of responsible, mask-wearing friends and family.

Not every Caribbean private island resort has reopened in the wake of COVID-19; the British Virgin Islands, home to several of the top resorts in the Caribbean, remains closed to international visitors, for example. But here are some great private islands where you can relax in luxury and safety this summer:  Read more >>