Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Dr. Lockhart provides heat exposure advice

Dr. Freeman Lockart, GBS Medical Chief of Staff

By FN Reporter Jaimie Smith

It is well into the summer months, when the heat index continues to climb, and, health officials advise residents to restrict their exposure outside, particularly in the midday hours and of course, to remain hydrated at all times.

Recently, Dr. Freeman Lockhart, Medical Chief of Staff for the Grand Bahama Health Services (GBHS) pointed out that heat exhaustion is a cause of concern and should by no means be taken lightly.

“I believe the concern among all of us, given the onset of summer, is the heat intensity that we are all experiencing, both inside and outside, in the absence of some kind of cooling device.

“My advice to the public, at large, is that we pretty much need to find ways and means to stay cool and also hydrated. Keep in mind that heat exhaustion is a very real phenomenon. Exposure to heat can mean severe dehydration, which can, in some cases, cause persons to actually collapse. It is very real, and, it is something that we have to keep in mind at all times,” said Dr. Lockhart.

For those who engage in outdoor exercise activities, recommends the early morning or late evening hours.  Read more >>