Thursday, July 30, 2020

Doctors worry on rising COVID-19 strain

The Princess Margaret Hospital

By Kyle Walkine

Consultant Physicians Staff Association (CPSA) President Dr. Sabriquet Pinder-Butler said yesterday doctors are concerned about the public healthcare system’s capacity to handle a surge in hospitalized COVID-19 cases.

She said given the state of the Rand Memorial Hospital on Grand Bahama where there is a surge in cases, as well as Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), a shortage of beds and space to accommodate more COVID-19 cases has become worrisome.

“What we’re seeing with increases in the numbers, and we know that we already have challenges within the institution with bed space and potential exposures to staff, as well as patients, it is a concern for us,” Pinder-Butler said.

“It’s a very real concern that we won’t be able to have the capacity to properly care for patients, to house them, those types of things, and to provide the care that is needed.”

According to the Ministry of Health’s daily dashboard, there are 16 COVID-19 cases hospitalized, up from 12 the day before.

Bahamas Nurses Union President Amancha Williams said between 24 and 50 union members have been placed in quarantine due to potential exposure on wards at PMH.  Read more >>