Saturday, July 4, 2020

Cruise Lines That Are Resuming Cruises This Month

A handful of cruise lines are currently planning on resuming cruises this month.  In June, the industry saw the restart of one cruise line, SeaDream Yacht Club.

So which cruise lines are planning on restarting cruises in July? Here is a rundown of the three cruise lines that will have cruise ships sailing this month.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line – The cruise line that offers short cruises to the Bahamas from South Florida, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is planning on resuming cruises on July 25 on one of their two cruise ships.

The cruise line is implementing new health and safety measures. Two passenger decks on the cruise ship will be closed as capacity will be reduced by 40%.  Cabins will be sanitized with hospital grade disinfectants and bathrooms will be cleaned with heavy-duty alkaline cleaner.  Read more >>