Thursday, July 2, 2020

Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues Small Boat in the Bahamas

The Carnival Legend cruise ship came to the rescue of a small boat in the Bahamas which had run out of fuel.

By Emrys Thakkar

Carnival Legend to the Rescue!

Even though the Carnival Cruise Line fleet is on pause due to the cruise line’s voluntary suspension of operations it doesn’t mean cruise ships can’t come to the rescue!

On Tuesday, the Carnival Legend came to the rescue of a small boat that had run out of fuel near the coast of the Bahamas. The large Spirit-class cruise ship delivered 25 gallons of diesel fuel. With the fuel onboard the small boat was then able to make its way back to Jacksonville, Florida.

It’s well done to Captain Alessandro Galotto and his crew members from the Carnival Legend for responding to the call for help from the small boat. Let’s hope they now make it back to Florida safely.  Read more >>