Thursday, July 2, 2020

Brave Warns - We’re Taking Risks

PLP leader Philip 'Brave' Davis.

Tribune Senior Reporter

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party leader Philip “Brave” Davis slammed the Minnis administration’s COVID-19 plans yesterday, saying the government is not doing enough to protect residents as the borders reopen.

He spoke during a PLP press conference the day the country resumed international flights. 

He said: “International visitors return via air to The Bahamas today, for the first time in months, even as the United States just yesterday set a new daily record, with 47,000 new COVID-19 cases announced. The Americans’ top infectious disease expert has said that the rate of new infections could soon double to 100,000 a day. Cases in the US have surged by more than 80 percent in the last two weeks.

“Bahamians have - at truly great cost to themselves - done their part to contain the virus in our own country. What they are owed by this government now is a plan to make sure all that has been gained will not be lost.  Read more >>