Friday, July 31, 2020

Attorney Claims Kanye West’s Presidential Petition In NJ Contains Over 600 Fake Signatures And The Evidence Is Pretty Damning

Kanye West - Getty Image

By Chris Illuminati

By the time sophomore year of high school rolled around, I’d perfected faking my mom’s signature. I only used the signature under extreme circumstances like signing permission slips I forgot to bring home, poor test scores that needed signing, and buying a Hummer.

But even as a teen, I knew not to abuse the power. I figured I’d get caught eventually but the chances were minimal.

Kanye West – or someone in his camp – probably assumed the same about forgery because who the hell is going to pour over hundreds of signatures? Who’s got that kinda time?

Scott Salmon, a New Jersey lawyer, did some investigating of West’s Presidential petition and noticed that hundreds of signatures look incredibly similar.  Read more >>