Saturday, July 4, 2020

8 ways you’re ruining your Windows computer

By Komando Staff,

We all use computers in one capacity or another, but that doesn’t mean we’re all adept at taking care of them. There are things we do time and time again that make it difficult to keep our machines in tip-top shape — like not running virus protection software or leaving tons of tabs open online so your performance is eventually dragged down.

We can’t always prevent computers from malfunctioning, but we can ensure we’re not actively harming them. This doesn’t mean you should just stop using your computer regularly or change what you’re doing with it if you use it for a specific type of job. You just need to be more aware.

There are a number of things you may be doing right now to ensure you’re fast-tracking your way to certain doom — in terms of your computer, anyway. We’ve assembled some useful tips to keep you from continually committing Windows faux pas.  Read more >>