Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Some Americans are more likely to socially distance and wear face masks than others — here’s why

 A new study delves into the complex demographics behind people’s behavior during the coronavirus pandemic.

 A new study looks at the links between income, social distancing and mask wearing. Getty Images MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

 By Andrew Keshner

The size of a person’s bank account might predict just how often they’ll be washing their hands, wearing a mask or running out to do errands during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to a study released Monday that delves into the demographics of people’s behavior during the coronavirus pandemic.

• A person in the top-earning segment, averaging $233,895, was almost 54% more likely to engage in social distancing and 33% more likely to increasingly wash their hands and wear a mask than someone making an average of $13,775. Social distancing involves steps like staying 6 feet apart from other people in public, avoiding public spaces, running fewer errands outside the house and taking fewer visits with friends and family.  Read move >>