Friday, June 26, 2020

Public health experts are increasingly frustrated with America's lack of leadership on coronavirus

Dr. Fauci: I wear a mask because it's effective

By Eric Levenson, CNN

 (CNN) - Even after widespread lockdowns, the United States has failed to stomp out the coronavirus and again finds itself in a rapid surge of cases. Public health experts place particular blame on a lack of leadership.

These experts are increasingly frustrated with American political leadership from the President on down that has repeatedly shirked its national role, passed responsibility onto citizens to decide for themselves, and turned simple public health measures into divisive, partisan talking points.

President Donald Trump and many of his supporters don't wear masks -- one of the simplest and cheapest layers of protection in dealing with a respiratory virus. And many state and local leaders have been slow to require mask wearing when you can't social distance.

"To turn it into a political act is exceedingly undermining the health of the nation," said Cheryl Healton, the dean of the NYU School of Global Public Health.  Read more >>