Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Op-Ed: “Who are we?”

The Valley Boys junkanoo group under the 2019 Boxing Day theme: “Wild Life On The Great Serengeti”

By Allyson Maynard-Gibson

Frequently when a Bahamian asks, “who are we”, we go into Junkanoo mode. I love Junkanoo. I’ve participated in Junkanoo since my early teens. I was a member of the first “Showtime Girls” that the late Paul Knowles brought to Bay St., as a part of The Valley Boys. I am now a member of STING. I understand the Junkanoo mode response.

As we think about a plan our future post COVID we really do need to ask and answer, “who are we”.

So, who are we? In the international arena we are Rhodes Scholars (it is said that we have the most per capita of any nation); first black Princeton University valedictorian; NASA scientists; Academy and Grammy Award winners; Olympic and Pan American Games gold, silver and bronze medalists; world class swimmers and baseball, basketball, tennis and water polo players; principal dancers in international ballet companies; opera singers; playwriters; authors; UN President; WHA President; CTO Director; Google executive; Wall St. and City of London advisors; artists who have exhibited at MOMA; members of choirs who have performed around the world; world class musicians; and so much more.  Read more >>