Wednesday, June 10, 2020

July 1 - All Eyes On U.S. Numbers: Infection Rates And Mass Protests Raise Reopening Concern

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest


DEPUTY Prime Minister Peter Turnquest has acknowledged concerns that ongoing protests and other factors in the United States may lead to an increase in COVID-19 cases there and have an impact on the country’s July 1 date for resuming commercial travel.

“Unfortunately as you all know a lot of the recovery is dependent upon the US and what’s happening with the travel leisure market there and there is concern that the virus may be returning, particularly with all of the protests that are going on in the US,”, Mr Turnquest said outside of Cabinet.

“There’s concerns that there may be an increased spread and that will show up in the next couple of weeks and so that will have a lot of impact upon our reopening on July 1.

“Even as we will have to reconsider what that may mean for that July 1 start date, but as it stands we anticipate reopening the border on July 1 and we are hoping that we will have a careful and slow and steady ramp up of the sector…”

Last month Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis made the announcement that government officials were considering resuming commercial travel in the country on or before July 1. However, he warned the dates are not final and may change depending on the circumstance.  Read more >>