Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Container homes for Bahamas relief draw fines from West Palm

Rodney Mayo wants to send container homes to the Bahamas to help with hurricane recovery. But the restaurateur and West Palm Beach must resolve an issue over fines.

By Tony Doris

WEST PALM BEACH — A well-meaning effort to build three container homes for Bahamas hurricane relief has put restaurateur Rodney Mayo in hot water with the city of West Palm Beach.

Mayo on Tuesday fired off an email to city officials, asking them to hold off on threatened fines and to give him time to complete the containers and ship them out. The result? Potentially good news: a note back from Code Enforcement, indicating the city’s willing to be flexible.

Mayo, whose efforts in recent months have provided tens of thousands of free meals to the COVID-19 unemployed in Palm Beach County, last year organized a nonprofit to help the Bahamas dig out from the devastation of Hurricane Dorian.

Part of that effort — in addition to sending in food, supplies and dozens of medical professionals, setting up a clinic and prosthetics lab and helping to reopen businesses — has been to build and deliver homes made from shipping containers, as there has been slow progress in rebuilding Grand Bahama and Abaco Island.  Read more >>