Friday, May 22, 2020

Mega resorts will have tough time in COVID-19 world, predicts tourism execs

Baha Mar - SLS and Hyatt Hotels. PhotoⒸderekcatalano

By Chester Robards

Both Chairman of the Tourism Development Corporation (TDC) Michael Scott and Chief Executive Officer of Kamalame Cay Michael King believe The Bahamas’ mega hotels will have a tough time operating in a world with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), explaining that the future of tourism lies with small boutique resorts.

“I think the days of the Baha Mars and the Atlantis hotels are done,” said Scott.

“I think for various reasons, the future model is going to be small boutique resorts with a real estate component to them, in many of our islands.”

King said he believes when people begin to travel once again, they will choose remote destinations and shy away from high-density places.  Read more >>