Saturday, May 16, 2020

Man who said 'coronavirus is hoax' changes mind when he's hospitalised with wife

Brian Hitchens initially called coronavirus a 'hysteria', but was hospitalised with the disease a month later, along with his wife, and he now says Covid-19 is 'very serious'.

Brian Hitchens and his wife are in hospital with coronavirus weeks after he claimed the disease was a hoax (Image: WPTV)

By Jamie Hawkins

A man who claimed coronavirus is a government hoax has changed his mind - after he and his wife were hospitalised with the disease.

Brian Hitchens previously said he didn't think Covid-19 was real, and stated that "God is bigger than this virus will ever be."

But just a few weeks later, Brian and his wife were both hospitalised after contracting coronavirus.

From his hospital bed, Brian, a rideshare driver from Florida, is now urging people to take the virus seriously.  Read more >>