Monday, May 18, 2020

Lend a Hand Bahamas Receives $100,000 Donation from the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation to support COVID-19 Food Relief Efforts in Nassau, Bahamas

 The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation made a $100,000 charitable contribution to Lend a Hand Bahamas. (Courtesy of TKJR Foundation)

NASSAU, Bahamas -- Lend a Hand Bahamas, a Bahamian nonprofit organization, is delighted to announce a charitable contribution of $100,000 from the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation. This donation will enhance vital food security in the community of Adelaide in Nassau, Bahamas for the next 10 weeks. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt in the Bahamas. As a result, many companies have had to lay off employees and even close due to a complete decline in tourism.

The economic devastation to other parts of the country resulting from Hurricane Dorian this past fall combined with heavy impacts of COVID-19 has greatly affected the Bahamas as the unemployment rate could soon hit 30 percent with 25,000+ individuals currently laid off. The unemployment number is growing daily. Food security continues to be insufficient, and the need for support from private individuals to fight hunger is high, especially to meet short-term needs over the next few months.

The Kate & Justin Rose Foundation has committed to supporting 10 weeks of grocery deliveries to approximately 170 households in the Adelaide community through Lend a Hand Bahamas. A core group of volunteers and staff from Lend a Hand Bahamas will assist in the weekly packing and delivery of food items. Through their generous support, the Kate & Justin Rose Foundation will provide for over 850 individuals with much-needed support during the tough months ahead.  Read more >>