Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Herd immunity for Covid-19 ‘dangerous’ concept – WHO

Pedestrians in Birmingham city centre - (Copyright PA Wire)

By The Newsroom

The World Health Organisation has condemned the “dangerous” concept of herd immunity for Covid-19.

Herd immunity is an epidemiological term usually reserved to describe how the population as a whole is protected from a disease depending on the levels of people vaccinated.

For instance, when 90%-95% of the population is vaccinated against measles, this should be enough to protect others who are unable to get an inoculation – such as babies before they reach the age at which they can be immunised.

Asked about the concept being applied to the Covid-19 pandemic, the WHO said “no-one is safe until everyone is safe” and it is “dangerous” to think that countries can “magically reach herd immunity”.  Read more >>