Monday, May 18, 2020

Heightened Anxiety During COVID-19 Calls for Deeper Focus on Mental Health

Camille Smith, Director of Academic Counselling and Advisement, UB

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacted a heavy toll on the mental fortitude of people across the globe, causing trauma, stress and anxiety which are just as harmful as the coronavirus itself. Add this latest disaster to the lingering effects of the recent Hurricane Dorian and the stresses of everyday life, and urgency of finding coping techniques is heightened.

For University of The Bahamas, nourishing mental and emotional health, particularly during times of crisis, is critically important. Many people grow more distressed because of the uncertainty brought on by crises. Coping skills and strategies are, therefore, essential, according to the Director of Academic Counselling and Advisement at UB Camille Smith.

“It is normal for people to experience stress and emotional distress during periods of great challenge in their personal life,” says Mrs. Smith. “However, when that challenge also occurs in the wider local community, and then extends to a global pandemic, it is considered a compounded situation in which it becomes more likely that many will experience stress, emotional distress and even experience possible negative impact on their mental health.”  Read more >>