Saturday, April 4, 2020

Lifestyle Influencers Are Now Sharing Some Bogus Far-Right Conspiracy Theories About The Coronavirus On Instagram

If 2020 wasn't weird enough, let's throw radicalized influencers into the mix.

By Stephanie McNeal, Ryan Broderick

As if things aren't bad enough right now, some lifestyle and parenting bloggers are now spreading completely baseless conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic to their tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

The influencers are seamlessly weaving in evidence-free far-right conspiracy theories that are usually found in the significantly less Instagrammable parts of the internet, such as 4 and 8-chan, in between their usual idyllic family snaps.

It's unclear if these influencers believe some of the theories spouted by QAnon supporters, or where exactly they are getting their information. But they are sharing some of the unfounded conspiracies, or some people who are posting about them, on their feeds.

None of the people mentioned in this article responded when asked if they believe QAnon conspiracy theories.  Read more >>