Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister statement after comment sends warped message

DPM Peter Turnquest

Nassau, The Bahamas – April 28, 2020 – FULL STATEMENT: Unfortunately, a comment made during a wide-ranging conversation on the Steve McKinney Show has been circulated in a way that conveys a meaning never intended. The point being made was about the importance of balancing our needs and obligations in times of uncertainty. It was never intended to call into questions anyone’s character.

Bahamians have always shown, through example, their ability to use whatever resources we have in order to meet our basic needs and personal obligations. It is even more important to remember this lesson when we are tempted to panic when faced with unprecedented events like the COVID-19 crisis.

Bahamians across the country are having to adjust to exceedingly difficult circumstances, as the economic impact of the shutdown continues to be felt. This is especially so for the most vulnerable individuals who often survive day to day. This is why the Government has invested over $120 million in support programs to dramatically expand the social safety net. This is why we have made increasing the distribution of food supplies to Bahamians in poverty a top priority.  Read more >>