Tuesday, April 28, 2020

According to Deltec Bank, Bahamas – Artificial Intelligence is now becoming a powerful reality if it hasn’t been realized already

Deltec Bank, Bahamas - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technologies have disrupted banking and finance sectors in recent years. Digital innovation is being felt and these sectors have transformed strategy to incorporate AI technologies. The finance sector has been favorable in incorporating AI in strategy for a good few years, whereas the banking sector is slowly adapting, benefitting from providing more efficient service to its customers.

AI has been seen as a key component for every sector in the 21st century and is shaping operational processes and introduces a brand new efficient way of working. Whilst we still haven’t reached the peak of AI, it’s not going to be long until the world experiences how far AI will drive the world forward. Customers are recognizing the process of incorporating AI technologies, and it can be said that big progress is being made as to how customers are interacting with their banking and financial services. Mobile banking, real-time money transactions, fraud detection, and predictive analytics are some of the integrations that some of the key banking and finance institutions have introduced over the last few years.

It is guaranteed that in five years from now, the digital landscape with artificial intelligence is expected to take the banking and finance sectors by storm. Let’s take a look at four ways in how the banking and finance sectors will look with new developments of AI over the next five years.  Read more >>