Sunday, April 26, 2020

3 Easy Steps to Create an Awesome At-Home Workout

3 Easy Steps to Create an Awesome At-Home Workout

Ready to get fit in the comfort of your own home? It may seem daunting, but it’s actually a great routine to get into and necessary during this period of quarantine. 

Whether you prefer more stretchy, slow movement or high intensity training, you can do it all from home with just a towel and a pair of comfortable sneakers. Get ready to reap the same benefits you’re used to getting from a gym class. Discover some simple steps to create the perfect at-home workout for you!

Step 1: Set Up Your Exercise Space

Before you start doing push-ups in the kitchen, choose a space that you can set aside just for your workouts. You should have room for your body plus a few feet on either side so that when you move around, you won’t injure yourself running into furniture. You’ll want a relatively clean space as well as this sets the right tone. A room filled with dirty laundry is not going to help you feel zen during your yoga class. Here are some tips for choosing a space: 

  • Pick a space that’s out of the way of other people and pets. A basement or spare room works great.
  • Choose a space with a hard floor. Wood or synthetic are best. Do not exercise on concrete as this is very hard on the joints and dangerous if you fall.
  • Don’t exercise on uneven surfaces as this could lead to tripping injuries.

Step 2: Choose Your Workout

What type of workout do you normally do when you’re at the gym? Do you prefer classes like Pilates or dance? If you like a specific class, see if your studio or gym is offering it online. You can do a session with the same people you normally work out with -- only on an online platform like Zoom! 

There are also tons of options for Youtube workouts, from feel-good cardio to kickboxing. Choose a class to start and then switch it up every day. You don’t want to get sick of your workout routine because it’s always the same. Here are some recommended channels:

Step 3: Get the Equipment You Need

Depending on what type of workout you choose, you may or may not need equipment. For cardio classes, it is likely that you will just need your computer to stream the class and a pair of sneakers. Obviously, if you are planning to cycle or run, you will need machinery. A treadmill, stationary bike, or stair climber will likely be hard to come by during quarantine if you don’t already have them, but they are a good investment over time if you plan to do more at-home workouts in the future. You can always order a jump rope in the meantime as this is a great cardio workout. Best to jump outside! 

For strength training, you will need to look into which weights are used in the class online that you choose. You may need dumbbells, a resistance band, or a medicine ball depending on which class you take. If you don’t have these, substitute items lying around the house as weights. Cans of soup, bottles of water, or bags of rice work well. Get creative -- it’ll be fun!

Finally, for mat based classes like yoga and Pilates, you will need a mat or at the very least, a towel. You may also like using items like two yoga blocks, a strap, and a Pilates ring.

One last tip: make a calendar for your workouts so that you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable everyday. Try to stick to the schedule, even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll feel much better after a quick workout and will have saved so much money doing it yourself at home!