Friday, February 21, 2020

BTVI Auto Graduate Follows His Passion

BTVI Auto Mechanics graduate, Jahlil Johnson.
Photo: Shantique Longley

After two years of studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of The Bahamas (UB), Jahlil Johnson decided to shift his approach to his dream career, and enrolled at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).

Since a young age, Jahlil always knew he wanted to work in the auto industry so it was only natural for him to follow his passion into adulthood. While studying at UB, he realized that he needed more hands on instruction, so he signed up for Auto Mechanics at BTVI to further his experience in the field.

“BTVI has empowered and assisted me in many ways, in giving real world hands on experiences, as well as teaching management and organizational skills which have directly contributed to me receiving promotions in the industry, as well as opening avenues for me to become a business owner myself,” said Jahlil.

He chose BTVI after doing research and discovering the institution’s track record of successful alumni.

“While attending BTVI, I learnt that the possibilities are endless in the automotive industry and it has given me a renewed interest in automotive electronics. I have also learned to remain myself and even if I might not know it, people are watching me,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jahlil said he truly enjoys being in the automotive field. The constant problem solving and seeing a satisfied customer is what he loves most. Had he not followed his passion, he probably would have pursued a career in law enforcement.

He graduated with a diploma in Auto Mechanics in 2019 and was also the recipient of the Aliv Top Graduate Award, which he said was his most memorable moment at BTVI.

“Receiving the award was an amazing experience for him. A feeling of inadequacy mixed with humbling gratitude swept over me when I heard my name,” he said.

Today, Jahlil is full time Automotive Technician at W.E. Services & Equipment Rentals and runs his own automotive business part time, in addition to a sound engineering business called Bahama Live Sound. He credits BTVI for teaching him the entrepreneurial skills to successfully run his businesses. Additionally, he strongly believes following one’s passion is directly linked to one’s success in life.

“A wise man once told me, ‘Find a career you love and you will never work a day in your life,’ and that’s exactly what I did. Elon Musk, followed his passion and helped Tesla Motors to become what it is today. Karl Benz, followed his passion and his legacy still lives on over 90 years later. I sincerely believe that following your passion should be one of the cornerstones in your life, to help guide and direct your growth in any career you endeavor to succeed in,” said Jahlil.

Jahlil said if the opportunity presents itself, he will gladly return to BTVI to take up another trade. He said the experiences and lessons learnt at the institution will be carried with him for a lifetime.