Monday, February 3, 2020

Bahamas by sailboat

Unguided Bahama sailing tours allow for great adventure

The author and friends set sail from from Little Farmer's Cay to Big Farmer's Cay in the Bahamas' Exuma Islands, a chain of 365 islands. (The New York Times/Sara Fox)

by PORTER FOX, The New York Times

Thick emerald waves broke over a quarter-mile-long sandbar, blocking our way. A few hundred yards east, whitecaps crashed across Exuma Sound — a 6,000-foot-deep abyss of rolling swells and powerful trade winds that would likely flip our tiny sailboats. Beyond the sandbar, we could see the tranquil flats of the Exuma Bank and the protected beach where we hoped to camp the first night of the trip. We just had to get around the bar before dark.

A shadow flashed under the hull — a four-foot-wide stingray searching for food in the ebbing tide. Two needlefish jetted from the water and nearly landed in the cockpit. The water was so clear, it was like looking through a glass-bottom boat at coral heads, patches of seagrass and conchs passing by on the ocean floor.   Read more >>