Monday, February 3, 2020

Bahamas and Iguanas

Students of Tropical Field Ecology prepare for field research. Thirteen students visited San Salvador island in the Bahamas during winter break. | Photo Courtesy of Calder  Klink

Every other December, a handful of students visit the home of the San Salvador Rock Iguana with David McKenzie, biology professor, to experience field ecology. During the last trip, one of the iguanas was killed.

“There are about five hundred left in the world,” said Scott Romeiser, senior biochemistry major. “They are endemic to San Salvador island, however none of them really live there; they live on cays…The feral dogs and cats have essentially killed them off. One of the feral dogs got into a breeding enclosure that was on campus, which is essentially two lives lost for what is a critically endangered species.”  Read more >>