Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Updated Building Code On The Way

By Leandra Rolle

THE Ministry of Public Works is working to revise the country’s building code, according to Director of Works Melanie Roach, with anticipates restrictions for flood-prone areas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

She added that “serious consideration” will have to be given to creating “no build” zones in areas that experienced 20 foot storm surge.

“We’re working with several agencies as well as our local engineering and architectural partnerships. And we will be conducting a review of the Bahamas building code to go into the fourth edition because our code is 15 or 16 years now so it is time for an update,” Mrs Roach said at yesterday’s Hurricane Dorian Pledging Conference.

This, according to the works director, is just one of the many measures the government will be taking to ensure more resilient building techniques able to withstand storms like Dorian in the future.  Read more >>