Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Ringplay Productions: What's New in 2020

Re-introducing Ringplay Productions

We're an all-Bahamian theatre company which is in its twenty-second year of existence. Founded in 1998 and incorporated in 2001, Ringplay Productions has been behind many of the greatest theatre events in The Bahamas.
Our productions include original works such as Music of The Bahamas, You Can Lead a Horse to Water,  The Legend of Sammie Swain, and Der Real Ting Musical!! In 2009. we established the Shakespeare in Paradise theatre festival.
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A Little History

From its incorporation in 2001, Ringplay Productions presented on average one play a year until 2009. At first, the company committed to reviving classic Bahamian works: Music of The Bahamas (2002), Father's Day, Single Seven, and The Landlord (2003), You Can Lead a Horse to Water (2006).
As time went on, the company mounted new plays, among them Nicolette Bethel's The Children's Teeth, Stephen Hanna's Death on the Street, Travis Cartwright-Carroll's The Melancholy of Suzanna Turnquest.

Shakespeare in Paradise

Beginning in 2009, the company expanded its work through the Shakespeare in Paradise Theatre Festival, which was responsible for the production of many grand works from The Legend of Sammie Swain to Der Real Ting!! Musical.
In 2014, Ringplay Productions took over the management of the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts. Its first action was to create the Black Box theatre behind the main stage, an 80-seat space which made it much easier and more affordable for new works to be produced and new people to be trained in the theatre.

The Season

In 2014, Ringplay re-established itself as a production company that did more than Shakespeare in Paradise, launching three plays between April and November: 12 Angry Men, for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf, and Sizwe Banzi is Dead.
Ringplay continued to mount productions throughout the year, developing new resident directors and providing a platform for writers. Nicolette Bethel, Erin McKinney and Anthony Skeebo Roberts mounted plays during the season, as did Kareem Mortimer.
Guest productions were also featured, such as Ian Strachan's Gun Boys Rhapsody.

Reviving the Season

Beginning in 2019, Ringplay made a commitment to re-launch the annual Winter-Spring season of plays each year from January to June. The 2019 season opened with Trevor Rhone's Smile Orange, directed by Skeebo Roberts, and went on to feature Der Real Ting Musical!!, for colored girls who have considered suicide, Untitled, and The Odd Couple (female version).

What's New in Theatre

In 2019, Ringplay Productions founded its first Acting Company under the leadership of Jovanna Hepburn. The company secured a patron who has committed to offering training for its members over a three-year period. Last year, the company leaders attended a six-week intensive course in Prague.
This year, the training will take place in Nassau during the Easter holidays, which will involve the whole Acting Company as well as offering sessions and workshops for the general public.

Ringplay Season 2020

Ringplay Productions is proud to announce that the 2020 Repertory Season kicks off at the Dundas with John Patrick Shanley's Doubt: A Parable. Other productions lined up for the season include a revival of Ian Strachan's Diary of Souls in February; Larry Shue's The Foreigner in March; and an original work, The Francis Factor, featuring plays by Patrice Francis, in April. The fifth play of the season is currently in negotiation and will be announced at a later date.