Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Kalypso Kid Comic

Kalypso Kid
Chapter 1

Created and written by Stephen Catalano
Art by Stephen Catalano
Edited by Maz Joachin

In a Nassau similar to ours, in a world where costumed heroes and villains fight in the streets, Roy Carter lives in an age where all the superhero fun is nearly over. The only two superheroes that exist are washed up old timers who have little relevance to society. However, a chance encounter with an old supervillain results in Roy obtaining a superpower he doesn't seem to have control over.  Scared and confused, Roy finds himself thrust into the superheroes' world...

Available at:
Gypsy Books & Tea
Parliament Street
Nassau, Bahamas
or contact
Steaming Kettle Studios at 1-242-467-2441