Thursday, January 30, 2020

Go Postal brings self-serve lockers to the capital

The Go Postal team showcasing the newly launched locker system

By Chester Robards

Local shipping company Go Postal is poised to make buying and shipping even more convenient for its customers, through the introduction of lockers where customers can access their packages 24 hours per day, according to Go Postal’s Manager of Bahamas Operations Tomonique Butterfield.

With the input of a code and the tell-tale click of the unlocking mechanism, Butterfield showed Guardian Business how easy package pick-up will be for customers who do not have the time to carry out an in-store transaction during operating hours.

The new service will be absolutely free to customers, Butterfield said.

“We decided to bring on the lock boxes because we just wanted to keep updated,” Butterfield said.

“As the world is changing, we want to be to changing as well.”  Read more >>