Monday, December 9, 2019

The Bahamas Wants You to Know It's Still Open for Business

While some of the islands were hit badly by Hurricane Dorian, most are still thriving and may end up being a steal this holiday season.

Photo courtesy of The Other Side

By Dominique Jackson

I felt like I could run the world as I stood in the ultra-private wine cellar in the Graycliff Hotel, where Jay-Z and Beyonce have been known to hang out in The Bahamas. But even with my newly found Beyonce confidence, I was nervous about what lay ahead as I traveled throughout the island for the first time.

If your family is anything like mine, then "worry" is their middle name. The day I told my mother about my travels to The Bahamas, she panicked. "What about Hurricane Dorian?" she asked. "Is it safe?"

After relaxing on the vibrant pink sand beaches, laughing with the locals, kayaking in Eleuthera, and for the first time eating guava duff cake, guava chocolate, and guava glazed ribs, I called my mother. I reassured her that The Bahamas was not only safe but would be the perfect destination for our next family vacation, swapping out our traditional Florida trip for something that is close but still feels like a world away.  Read more >>