Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Siblings from the Bahamas serve up fundraiser for Hurricane Dorian relief

Anni-Yah, left, Alexander, middle, and Aaron Ferguson say they wanted to help their family, friends and community in the Bahamas. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

By Travis Kingdon

Three siblings from the Bahamas served Islanders an authentic Bahamian meal on Sunday to raise money for those in their home country affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Aaron, Anni-Yah and Alexander Ferguson are originally from the Bahamas. They moved to P.E.I. for school a couple of years ago.

They served up food at the Sherwood Church of the Nazarene in exchange for a donation.

Hurricane Dorian killed at least 65 people in the Bahamas with damage estimates in the billions.  Read more >>