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I hope you are enjoying the Fall, wherever you are, and whether you are looking out on a golden scene of autumn leaves, a grey rainy day, a vast desert, mountainous slopes or sunny beaches!

I am delighted to let you know about some Fall Specials! My novel LOVE AT SUNSET: A ROMANTIC SUSPENSE - The Buchanan Mystery Romance Series Book One (a stand alone novel) is available for download FREE November 7th through 11th!

About Love at Sunset:
Greed, jealousy, family secrets, bitter grudges and forbidden love!

Facing imminent danger and fierce opposition to love a second time around, Violet and Gordon seek a new life in Gordon’s homeland of Scotland, thousands of miles away from where they had lived in Nassau, Bahamas, but trouble catches up with them in their little loch side cottage.

In the meantime, back in Nassau an unscrupulous attorney appears on the scene, along with a crooked realtor. What they do and the extent they would go to leads to a shocking ending.

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With Oleanders End, as usual there will be lots of romance but also some mysterious deaths!
ALSO, Bestselling Bahamian author Tanya R. Taylor is offering CORNELIUS’ REVENGE – Book Two in her Cornelius Saga Series FREE for download. All of her series books can be stand alone reads.
Tanya is the Silver Medal Winner of Readers’ Favorite 2019 International Book Awards in the Young Adult  - Paranormal division for her popular, spine-tingling tale CORNELIUS (Book One in the Cornelius Saga Series)! According to Readers’ Favorite website, this year’s contest was the largest one ever!

Tanya will be travelling to the Award Ceremony in Miami this month with her family to receive her Award. I am excited for her and will definitely be there in spirit!
About Cornelius: Book One in the Cornelius Saga Series:

Cornelius is a haunting tale of suspense, intrigue, adventure, romance and mystery -- a #1 bestseller and book one in the immensely popular Cornelius Saga series.

Two teenagers trespass on the grounds of a former plantation. An innocent mistake that changes their lives forever.

Wade and Mira Cullen explore a large parcel of land, seemingly neglected, in their cozy, little neighborhood, and soon come upon a house with a sordid past. When they leave the property, they have no idea they have brought along something permanently etched in the bowels of history which will change them forever, as well as the very fabric of their own family.

About Cornelius’ Revenge: Book Two in the Cornelius Saga Series:

A frightened child. A fearless grandfather. A nail-biting conclusion!

After returning home for a family visit, Mira Cullen finds herself in front of the old Ferguson house again - a place she has blatantly avoided since the entire life-altering experience of fifteen years earlier. The only thing is...there are new residents now, but not the kind she would have ever expected to see.

Her six-year-old daughter, Rosie, has an incredible bond with her grandfather, but no one ever dreams that the little girl will be the bait an angry ghost uses to settle a score long overdue. She is in terrible danger and the love of her grandfather will be tested to the highest extreme.
Book 13 in Tanya R. Taylor’s Cornelius Saga Series, ‘TIL DEATH DO US PART, will be released in the very near future. I love this fabulous series by Tanya, as I do all of her books!

Tanya R. Taylor writes in various genres including Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Thrillers, Science-fiction, Mystery and Suspense. She is the author of several #1 bestsellers across the various Amazon Stores. All of her books have made Amazon Kindle’s Top 100 Paid Bestsellers’ List in several categories. Her book “10 Minutes Before Sleeping” was #34, sharing the top 100 paid Best Sellers list in African American Mystery Thriller and Suspense Fiction with several of James Patterson’s books.

For more information about Tanya R. Taylor’s books go to her Amazon Author Page. Her website is
ANOTHER fabulous book I must tell you about is QUADRILLE by Beth Andrews, due to be released as an e-book by REGENCY READS November 15th, 2019! I have read several of the author’s Regency books. Just love them!
About Quadrille:

The Regency was an era of rogues, rakes, and rebellious women. Falling in love was as common—and as challenging—as dancing a quadrille. In these short stories, four young ladies navigate the intricate steps that lead them to the altar and to the men of their dreams.

Here are short synopses of the stories in Quadrille:

A Noble Deception: In a bucolic English countryside, a handsome, dashing nobleman meets and falls for the lovely young daughter of a clergyman. When he makes her the belle of the local ball, a proposal seems inevitable.  But does she feel the same? Story originally published in Chapter One magazine.

The Ungrateful Governess: Phillip Hayden is betrothed to Julia Gollard—whom he doesn’t care for—when he falls in love with the family’s governess. In an act of fate, he meets a young man whose own heartache may provide the solution to Phillip’s dilemma. Can he conceive a plan to get what they both want? Story originally published in Romantic Interludes magazine.

The Skylark: Adina, a beautiful, self-possessed orphan, raised by her uncle in the English countryside, goes to London for the season. Her relative, a countess, introduces her to the crème of eligible bachelors. Refusing to suffer fools, Adina embarrasses her suitors with her wit and begins to consider that her destiny might not lie with well-heeled dukes or handsome rakes.  Is her heart in London, or has she carelessly left it at home?

he Christmas Bride: Lord Telford, a wealthy bachelor, has a surprise visitor and learns his young niece is in dire straits. To save her, and claim her as his ward, he must find a bride. Will he sacrifice his freedom for the safety of a small child? Will he be able to find a bride in time? Story originally published in A Regency Sampler from Regency Press.

About the Author of Quadrille:

This Beth Andrews is actually NOT female! She is also not a woman trapped in a man's body. She doesn’t write for Harlequin and isn't an American. “She” happens to be a male, born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, whose real name is Paul Bethel.

Paul has been writing poems and short stories for as long as he can remember. He adopted the name “Beth Andrews” in the early 1990s, when his first romance short stories were published in magazines like “Romantic Interludes.” Little did he know then how many other writers would publish under the same name!

After winning prizes in several contests sponsored by local chapters of Romance Writers of America, he decided to seriously pursue book-length fiction. His first Regency romance novel, “The Marplot Marriage”, appeared in print in 1999--and disappeared just as quickly, along with the publisher, Regency Press. In 2004, his second romance novel, “A Scandalous Secret”, was published by Robert Hale in London, England. Two more Regency romances for Hale followed: “St. George and the Dragon” and “Stolen Waters.” After that came two light-hearted cozy mysteries (also with a Regency setting): “Hidden in the Heart” and “The Unforgiving Eye.” These have all been released as e-books from Belgrave House and Regency Reads (and are all readily available on

Having been a confirmed Janeite from his 20s, Paul wrote a number of articles for Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine, and finally decided to update Jane's juvenile story, “Love and Freindship” [that is actually how Jane Austen spelled “Friendship”!], which is his seventh published book. It looks as though Large Print and Audio versions will also be available in the not-too-distant future.

A confirmed technophobe, Paul refuses to become involved in social media, and has neither a Facebook account nor a webpage! He says if you’re determined to learn more, you can find some of his posts at the Hale Books writers’ blog. Otherwise, he is rather elusive, and “in danger of becoming reclusive!” In any case, if you want to know what he's like (though he says he can't imagine why anyone would), just read his books. He is a firm believer that it’s the work that really matters--not the author. He says this may explain why he is in no danger of becoming either rich or famous! I’m inclined to disagree about this! Paul deserves all the accolades he gets.

Regency Reads (A Division of Belgrave House):

Founded in 2007, Regency Reads specializes in Regency and Georgian era romances. In addition to publishing new titles, Regency Reads offers an extensive catalog of previously (paper) published fiction in the form of ebooks. These publishers provide ebooks in ePub, PRC/Mobi, and PDF – all the formats needed to enjoy these classics on the device of your choice.
AND LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! - I must mention CARNIVAL OF LOVE: A TALE OF A BAHAMIAN FAMILY by Ernestia Fraser. I just loved this book!
About “Carnival of Love: A Tale of a Bahamian Family”:

This is a memoir that explores the meaning of love and family within a broken home. Set in the Bahamas, the story is told through the eyes of Maria Helix, one of nine children growing up in a stable and caring environment. With the sudden and unexpected dissolution of her parents’ marriage, Maria is forced to let go of her idealized past and confront new realities of loss, displacement, and economic instability.

Through honest depiction, humor and hard-won wisdom, Maria reveals a complex picture of familial bonds sometimes marked by conflict.  Moreover, her tale proves that love is the most compelling force needed to piece together what is left of a broken family.

Ernestia Fraser is an author, screenwriter, poet, and educator, who was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. She has received a double B.A. in English and Communication and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Screenwriting. She has earned a number awards and honors in both poetry and screenwriting.

In 2011, her thesis screenplay, Inside the Fallen Moon, won 1st prize in the Hollywood Black Film Festival International Storyteller Competition. Following the success of her script, Ernestia was awarded a screenwriting fellowship at Writer’s Institute for Diversity in Los Angeles facilitated by Harrison Reiner, a CBS Television Story Analyst.

Ernestia also garnered a number of other publications. To date, her poems have appeared in both Caribbean and international journals, such as St. Somewhere, Tongues of the Ocean, The Caribbean Writer, Quiddity, Emerge Literary Journal, Blackberry, POUI: Cave Hill Journal and the Caribbean Quarterly. Her poem, “The Way We Dance” won The Caribbean Writer’s 2014 “Daily News Prize.” Her poetry was also shortlisted in the 2013 Small Axe Literary Competition.

Ernestia is currently living in the Bahamas, working as an online instructor at The Tutoring Station and a part-time editor at MasterWriting242.

Updates from the author can be found on her personal sites: or
For those of you who don’t have a Kindle for your e-books, no problem. The free Kindle app can be downloaded from Amazon at for most major smart phones, tablets and computers.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this smorgasbord of books! After you’ve read them, the authors would be most grateful if you could leave your comments online.  It only takes a moment and you don’t need to give a long in depth review.

If the word “review” puts you off, don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert at reviews. Your grammar doesn’t even have to be perfect! All you need to post are your honest comments about the product. This can be as short or as long as you wish.

Many thanks and have a glorious autumn or spring depending on where you live!

Best wishes,

Fay Knowles
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