Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Local foundation helps save Kirtland's Warbler from endangered list

Thanks to extensive recovery efforts, Kirtland's Warbler populations have surged over the last 40 years, leading to the species' removal from the endangered species list. (Photo provided/Jacob Spendelow)

In 2018, ABC helped establish a full-time avian science officer position in The Bahamas with a heavy focus on conserving Kirtland’s Warblers during the non-breeding season. Working through the Bahamas National Trust, with funding provided via ABC by a private donor in Michigan, Bradley Watson has been pursuing specific priorities identified in the conservation management plans for the species’ winter range. Watson’s work includes population monitoring, habitat enhancements, and community engagement to support conservation. He also supports efforts to protect the Bahama Oriole, Bahama Nuthatch, and other rare, declining, and endemic bird species found in The Bahamas.  Read more >>