Thursday, October 24, 2019

Award-winning Caribbean Filmmaker ToScreen Documentary on Diabetes and Industries Surrounding Feet In Atlanta.

Olympian Jackie Edwards discussing the specially-designed show made for her by Puma during her interview for the documentary ‘Perfect Feet The Movie’.

By Arthia Nixon

Atlanta, Georgia… Ahead of National Diabetes Awareness Month in November, a film highlighting the scourge of diabetes within the black community, particularly The Bahamas is set to be screened in Atlanta on Oct. 30th at 7:30 p.m. at the Landmark Theater. The film, ‘Perfect Feet’ the movie features prominent Atlanta-area podiatrist Dr. Jocelyn Curry and music by Bahamian-American Dove Award winner Stefan ‘The Scientist’ Moss.

Award-winning Caribbean filmmaker Calvin Dwight Harris is behind the project. He collaborated with several medical professionals and the Bahamas Diabetic Association to launch a national campaign, to sound the alarm and raise awareness to the horrible impact diabetes is having in The Bahamas.

The unconventional film explores the multi-billion dollar sock and shoe industries, fashionable foot trends, interviews podiatrists and even highlights the beauty aspect of foot care with pedicures. Harris approaches the film from the perspective of a man who goes on a journey to find the perfect set of feet, something some of the people interviewed for the film perceive to be different depending on their line of work.

“As it stands right now, The Bahamas has the highest rate per capita for Type 2 Diabetes in the region,” said Harris. “There is an average of one thousand amputations per year in the country, that are directly linked to diabetes. Globally, there are more than 1 million annual limb amputations. The statistics are truly alarming. Our overall objective is to not just raise awareness, but to also offer solutions with regards to preventative measures that can be taken. ‘Perfect Feet’ the Movie will explore the dramatic effects that diabetes can have on a person’s foot.”

Dr. Sean Ravaei, a Beverly Hills-based cosmetic foot specialist preps for his interview with award-winning filmmaker Calvin Harris on the set of ‘Perfect Feet the Movie’.

Part of the film’s proceeds will go towards purchasing medical supplies for those affected by Hurricane Dorian which ripped through the northern Bahamas in early September, the most catastrophic storm in the nation’s history.