Friday, August 16, 2019

Is the cruise industry responsible for overtourism?

By Francesca Street, CNN

(CNN) — You wake up and eat breakfast on your private balcony, admiring majestic views of the ocean.

You dock in port after port, crisscrossing the Mediterranean -- from the canals of Venice to the red roofs of Dubrovnik and back. Or you travel down the German Rhine or beach-hop in the Caribbean.

At each spot, you spend anywhere from a few hours to a day. Sometimes you don't even get off the boat. When you do, you're part of crowds of tourists, battling to see the views, scrambling to admire the sites.

The cruise ship industry is booming. Ships are getting bigger, better, more exciting and more experience-driven.

At the same time, ports are getting busier and more polluted, and residents are getting angrier.
In 2019, 30 million passengers are expected to cruise, up from 17.8 million a decade earlier.

So what impact are they having on destinations, and what can be done about it?  Read more >>