Friday, August 2, 2019

Country moves one step closer to electronic trading of Government bonds

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The Ministry of Finance is pleased to announce that Bahamas Government Registered Stocks(BGRS) have been approved for listing on the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISXor the Exchange). This major step forward paves the way for Bahamians to be able to buy andsell Government bonds on the local securities exchange, and track the value of their investments
using the online marketplace.

“We are getting ready to list over 200 government bonds, which (at the time of Press) represents
the entire portfolio of outstanding securities going back to 1999. This will stimulate the entire
Bahamian capital market, improve our financial market infrastructure, and increase accessibility
to Government-backed investments for all Bahamians,” said K. Peter Turnquest, Deputy Prime
Minister and Minister of Finance.